Debbie brings savvy and shrewd business lessons to life with the right mix of information, insight, and interaction. Not only do Debbie’s personal stories and examples engage, they make a point!   Audience members walk away with know-how, poised to impact personal and organizational goals.

Debbie’s valuable content and compelling delivery turns a business meeting or learning environment into a life-changing event. Her captivating storytelling and humor enable her to convey her experience and inspire her listeners to go forth and find the end of the rainbow! Participants are captivated, motivated, and committed to make immediate and positive changes, because, who doesn’t want that pot of gold?

Keynotes and conference speeches are available, as well as half-day, and full-day experiences. Debbie will customize content and delivery methods, tailored to your specific,  organizational needs.

Dear Debbie: 
What an incredible, energizing, and “refreshing” morning we had on Friday – many, many thanks to you.  Our agents are still “a buzz” about all the key takeaways they received from your exceptional presentation. 
The agents fell in love from the minute you walked on stage in your stunning red dress and remained enchanted through your last word about differentiation and being driven by doing one percent more in both their professional and personal lives – 99% does not really set you above the crowd.  
The Management Team thought it would be wonderful to have you come back and do something for all of our staff.
— Michael Saunders, founder & CEO Michael Saunders & Company
You can not imagine how many emails I have pouring in about our event this morning  (I even received one from someone who didn’t get to attend today – and how bummed she was that she couldn’t make it!). Based on the response, you hit a home run today with HRP – which is really no surprise, you are a pro! Thank you again for getting us all excited about customer service  – safe travels!
— Brian Mitchell Smith, Citibank Houston Relocation Professionals