When you engage with Debbie, she helps people and organizations realize their potential through thought, word, and deed.  It’s Think. Speak. Act. in that order. It’s about taking the lead in your industry by building thoughtful, authentic relationships. It’s about targeting your strategic goals and illuminating opportunities.

Whether conducting an organizational assessment, monitoring a training initiative, or evaluating outcomes, Debbie actively and productively involves her clients. Because every organization’s situation is unique, she tailors her approach, leverages your strengths, and faces your critical issues, head on.

Debbie advises and develops business leaders to ready them for growth and succession. Under her counsel, management teams move from unable to unstoppable. Understanding first-hand that companies thrive when employees take ownership, Debbie trains and motivates people at all levels to work harder by uncovering and building on their passions, clearly conveying the individual value they each bring to the table.

Hi Debbie, thanks for all your help and encouragement this week, in addition to your fantastic introduction to CEM and credo creation! I believe the team is highly motivated to ensure a culture change occurs through the credo process. I personally am looking forward to the change this will bring to our group worldwide.
— John Brett, Electronic Arts
Authentic Connections Graphic.png
Thanks again for adjusting your schedule to join us in Baltimore and speak to the TESSCO team . I heard nothing but positive feedback from both groups about your authentic delivery style and the content and relevance of your presentation .  I hope we can get you back here in a few months to facilitate workshops to help ingrain the customer experience focus in our teams daily habits .
Keep the pedal to the metal !
— Murray, President and CEO TESSCO Technologies Inc