Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve given something your all? It’s an unmistakable feeling --  a rush, a sense of pride, of accomplishment -- and it gives you a keen understanding that you’ve not just done something good; you’ve done something SPECTACULAR! That feeling is what we to provide our clients, and it’s what sets me apart.

The leaders who I work with know that I care about their success, and they know that I believe in their potential.  I help them to embrace what I term the Plus One mindset, which is one in which you approach every task with a personal challenge of doing it better – of notching it up. We help people to realize their potential by providing contagious enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a healthy dose of humor. Our goal for every client is that they be more than satisfied… that they be enchanted!


My Credo…

  • I believe that the secret to building distinctively unique experiences with colleagues, customers, and employees, is to cultivate authentic and enduring professional relationships.
  • Recognizing that the ultimate goal is an improved bottom line, I will show you how nurturing those connections will help strike the balance between dreams and reality, understanding that the two need not be mutually exclusive.
  • With solid professional partnerships, you are no longer a force of one, but a veritable army, prepared to take on the corporate world, one CEO at a time!


My Promise is to…

  • Provide inspiration to enable you and your organization to effect change
  • Measurably and strategically differentiate your business and your brand
  • Banish mediocrity and together move forward with fearlessness
  • Help you become the architect of exquisite professional experiences
  • Be the purveyor of your ah-ha moment
  • Align individual motivations with organizational goals
  • Demonstrate clearly what your client can expect as a return on their investment


I Believe…

  • that every individual possesses hidden WOW factors.
  • that it’s my purpose to expose those WOW factors.
  • in the power of authenticity. GET REAL.
  • in human connection, with good purpose.
  • that leaders should empower their people to be heroes.
  • in infinite potential.
  • that confidence and commitment enable you to leave inertia in the dust.
  • that we have the power to effect change.
  • oh, and yes. I believe in world peace – the enduring promise of hope.